Tuesday, April 15, 2008

The Urban Jungle

I read a post today that reminded me of why I think the city is like a jungle. It's noisy, crowded with wildlife, and full of sudden death.

I passed a wreck the other day. Obviously, people had died in the accident. All I found myself thinking was how inconvenienced I was. Sort of like while trying to get from Point A to Point B, someone left a comma in the road.

When I realized it, I felt a good, healthy dose of shame. Those folks were only trying to live their lives and get somewhere, too. I felt like some little monkey, curled up on my nice branch in the darkness, hearing some other monkey's short, sharp scream, suddenly cut off---sitting, shivering, glad it wasn't me.

The Jungle.

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Bethanie said...

The city as jungle - that's a powerful image.... I passed a wreck yesterday morning and found myself rubbernecking, even though I didn't want to and hate it when other people do. Part of it is just curiosity I guess, but I also keep thinking part of it is self-preservation -- what did that person do that I can avoid, so I don't end up like that.