Monday, November 17, 2008

NANO Day Two-- Well.

I eked out the same wordcount as yesterday.

1,300 words

Total count: 2,600

Guess that's twice better than nothing, which is what I have been getting.

Little bit of snippet--first draft, please don't quote or repost.
The crying drew her to the living room. Mel stood in front of the Christmas tree, trying to lift phantom ornaments to hang from its branches. Her long dark hair, once her pride and joy, nearly obscured her face in a tangled mess. She turned to look at Katie, tears running down white cheeks, eyes wild.

“Help me!,” she said. “Katie, help me, please!”

With a cry, Katie woke. A sense of dizzy disorientation shook her when Katie realized she stood in the dark living room near the bare Christmas tree. She turned to see that the rest of the house was dark and still. The hour must have been late. She could hear Dad’s light snore. They were in bed asleep. Katie turned back to the tree, and her gaze focused on the bay window beyond. Moonlight bouncing off the snowpack lit up the outdoors quite well. She had no trouble seeing the dark figure that stood by the barn and looked up at the house.

The breath left Katie in a rush, then returned with her deep inhale. “Mel?” she whispered.

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