Wednesday, November 30, 2011

done, Done, DONE!

Finished! Finished! (Dancing in the street) I have finished Wintersland, the novel I began writing two years ago, this very month. It came in at around 33,000 words, so, technically, not a novel, but I can already see that, with revision, it will top 40,000, which is novel-length. I was all set to beat myself up for taking two years to write 33,000 words, but when I considered that I had major medical problems, a job change, and a massive re-write sandwiched in there, I think I did alright. The story is rough, and will definitely need revision, but I'm just happy it's done. I dedicated it to my brother, Michael. He would have been 42 today if he was still alive.


Boobah's Corner said...

Congratulations! Writing is and always was my biggest love. Unfortunately, I'm still just on short stories. Hopefully, I will sit down sometime soon and start on my first novel too.
Best wishes,


Ch Umair said...

wanna do some guest blogging

Stories From The Air said...

Writing is tough. I have found a blog to follow

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