Friday, August 21, 2015

Friday snippet - Changing things up

Instead of a snippet from the WIP, here's a snippet from a completed novel that I am in the middle of revising.  Hope you enjoy!

First draft, please don't quote or repost.  Thanks!


"This Winterlord," Katie said when she had returned.  "How can he help me?"

Treyga shrugged as she continued to harness the dogs.  "The Winterlord has dominion over much of Snow.  He knows what happens in Snow, and he will know of Yule Ghosts, and where they may be found, if anyone does."
She buckled a harness in silence for a moment, then said, "It is said he is only partly human."

Katie thought about that.  "What's the part that's not human?"

"Rumors say that the current Winterlord's father found a wife among the Delven.  They were happy for awhile, and their union produced a son, who is now the Winterlord.  But the wife did not prosper in Snow’s southern regions.  She pined for the deep cold and the ice palaces of the north.  She stayed as long as she could, but eventually she left."

Katie thought about asking what the Delven were, but she was reluctant to reveal to Treyga just how ignorant she was of everything in this place.  Instead, she said, "That sounds really sad."

Treyga patted the lead dog on the head.  She took one final look at the fire's remains to make sure no embers remained, then they were on their way once more.

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